Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Mary Grace Binkley

Jay and Eric made a slam dunk here! With their guidance we were able to buy our first house in East York, something we never dreamt would be possible given the competitive market here in Toronto! Thank you guys for making our dream possible!

By: Mark Binkley

Jay is an extremely savvy and smart realtor. If you’re like most people, you’ve either had a nightmare real estate deal or you have friends or family that have. There are so many mediocre agents out there and very few gems. Jay is one of those rare jems and we felt very lucky to have him involved in our deals. Owing to his deep knowledge of Toronto market conditions and cool professionalism, Jay was able to successfully navigate a number of complex real estate transactions for us under tight timelines. He offered strategic advice and solutions in response to a variety of unforeseen challenges which is something any buyer or seller would be thankful for! Jay’s advice and direction gave us an edge in a very competitive market. He is a wicked negotiator and you definitely want him on your side when nailing down the purchase agreement. He kept in constant and clear communication with us so that we were well prepared for each stage of the process. He regularly checked in with us even when there was nothing to report – he kept us in the loop and at no point did we feel we were in the dark. What’s more, we benefitted from the fact that Jay has an excellent network of industry professionals which meant he was able to access for us expert advice in a variety of areas without any added cost to us. We're writing this because we firmly believe when someone shows the level of excellence, enthusiasm and dedication to their work the way Jay does, they deserve to be recognized for it. Jay, we’ll definitely be working with you again and we will send all our friends and family to you for their deals. Thanks Jay for all that you’ve done for us!

By: Jake Arnoldi

Jay successfully helped me navigate the purchase of my first condo in arguably one of the toughest times to buy in Downtown Toronto to date, and I couldn't be more thrilled with his significant market knowledge and quality of service. Jay made the process seamless and comprehensive, and I would highly recommend him to any new or 2nd time home buyer looking to buy in Toronto.

By: Sonia Kalia

I've worked with Jay and Eric for 10 years now. As a real estate lawyer, I have the pleasure of meeting many of your clients, who rave about your services. Thank you for helping me with my own personal deals over the years as well. Consummate professionals, and fun to be around. Great combo.

By: Adam Stern

I have had the opportunity to manage Jay and Eric for Royal Lepage Your Community Toronto Office. In an industry which is extremely competitive, Jay and Eric year after year continue to achieve award-winning results. Their professionalism and service they provide their clients will always separate them from the pack. Their work ethic and dedication to their clients' needs are second to none. It is a privilege to have Jay and Eric represent our amazing brokerage!

By: Colleen N

I've bought and sold a few properties with Jay and Eric over the years and I couldn't be happier with their service. They absolutely went above and beyond to help me out. They knowledge and expertise ensured that I maximized the return on all my investments. Plus they're super fun to work with! Couldn't recommend them more!!!

By: David Feld

I've worked with Jay and Eric both on and off the court and they never disappoint. We've done closings for over 50 of their clients and everyone raves about their services. Keep up the good work gents.

By: Stephan Johnston

Jan has bought two condos with Eric and Jay. We've enjoyed their professional services and deep knowledge of the Toronto condo market. Amazing to deal with and will most certainly enlist their services again.

By: Vivian Risi

Jay & Eric are two of the most professional Realtors in the GTA. Their experience and knowledge of the Real Estate industry is exceptional! Their track record shows their clients always come first!

By: Jodi Arnoldi

Service excellence! No one knows the downtown condo market better than Jay!

By: Amy Laverne

I have recently sold my unit in The Richmond with help from The Real Estate Guys, Jay and Eric. This was the first time that I have sold property before and Jay helped me through every part of the process by making it stress free and fun. When I first met with Jay, he walked through my place and within minutes presented me with a price that I was impressed with and surprised by, being that it was much higher than I had originally thought I could get. He told me exactly how he planned to market my place, the price point that he felt I would get and how the sale would all come together. His knowledge of the units in The Richmond and comparable condos in nearby buildings clearly aided in this process. I met with some other realtors, for my own education, and quickly realized that Jay's pricing and knowledge of The Richmond was going to be crucial in selling my place. The other realtors came in with much lower prices and with comparables that truly weren't comparable to my unit. Jay and Eric have endless experience in The Richmond, with over 120 units sold, and their knowledge of the condo market was vital in the pricing and approach. When it was all said and done, Jay did EXACTLY what he said he would do and more. He marketed my condo very well with professional photographs and an appealing marketing pamphlet. He listed it on a Tuesday, had an open house on the Saturday and Sunday and I had 2 offers the following Tuesday, both over asking. In the end, I happily accepted an offer with guidance from Jay and Eric. They carefully led me through all steps of the process and made sure that I understood every part of the contract. Looking back, I am so thrilled that I was able to work with Jay and Eric on the sale of my condo. To be honest, it all happened so quickly and with so much ease because of their experience and knowledge. Jay took every part of the process on and would keep me updated as to anything that was required of me along with way, which really wasn't much. Jay was accessible at all times, through email and phone, and would promptly reply with the appropriate information that was required, which really helps if you are buying or selling for the first time. These are just some of the many reasons why they made this process so enjoyable but one of the main reasons is that they got me at least $36,000 more than the other realtors were even planning to list my place at. That in itself is a very important reason why you should pick The Real Estate Guys! I would highly recommend using Jay and Eric for any of your real estate needs. You can be sure that you will have an enjoyable time with a very successful ending! Sincerely,

By: Harold L. Sclodnick

I am a solicitor practising in real estate law in the City of Toronto, and have been in practice for 33 years. In the course of my practice, I deal frequently with real estate agents who, of course, are an integral part of every transaction, and often work closely with the buyer's or seller's solicitor. I have worked with Jay and Eric of Royal Lepage Your Community Realty, on many transactions over the years. I regard them as experienced and knowledgeable realtors, who consistently work hard for their clients, while always upholding the integrity of their profession. My dealings with Jay and Eric have included both residential and commercial properties, including both freehold and condominium. They stay on top of the deal from beginning to end, they are savvy negotiators, effective communicators and true professionals. I have enjoyed working with Jay and Eric, and have grown comfortable with the extent of their experience and expertise in real estate related matters. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jay and Eric. I have always found them friendly and outgoing people and a pleasure to work with. Yours very truly,

By: Colleen Nichol

I have had the pleasure of working with Jay and Eric for several years and I couldn't be happier with the level of service I have received. They are experts in their field and they always put my best interests first. Rather than just trying to get a quick deal, they advised me against a sale if they didn't think it was right for me. Their trained eyes spot even the smallest details and their experience helps to avoid any unpleasant surprises. I have had bad experiences with other real estate agents in the past and so it is a tremendous relief to have found this team which I trust completely. Working as a team, Jay and Eric are able to respond to all of my requests promptly and their strong work ethic ensures that tasks are resolved very quickly. With over 10 years of experience in the industry they have earned the respect of their peers and are seen as leaders in the Toronto real estate market. Jay and Eric continued to support me after the sale was complete and even while I was living overseas. I am a very demanding client and still they have gone above and beyond all my expectations. Their motto 'real estate agents for life' is a genuine commitment and after working with them you will want to be customers for life. I’m happy to provide further information if required. Sincerely,

By: Dave Neary

Dear Jay: I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with you in the recent sale of my home at 323 Richmond Street East. Although we met and discussed my plans to sell well over a year before I was ready to sell, you kept me informed of trends in the market and developed a positive and friendly working relationship with me, one based on trust and keeping my best financial concerns foremost. I was extremely impressed that once I indicated I was ready to sell, you brought a willing client to see my home within 24 hours! Although this person viewed other suites in the building, your superb sales approach and attention to the details and amenities of my suite encouraged her to put forth a firm offer over asking price after only 3 viewings and in 48 hours. I was saved the work of staging my home and weeks of client showings by your keen perception of a serious buyer. Throughout the legal aspect of the sale, you walked me through the entire process, all documents forwarded in a timely fashion via e-mail, and answered any questions I had. Jay, it was a pleasure to work with you and I will definitely turn to your professional skills and salesmanship when it comes time to either buy or sell my next home. If anyone asks me for the name of a top-notch real estate agent in Toronto, I will refer him or her to Jay Fleming. Sincerely,

By: Cynthia Connelly

Dear Jay & Eric: As we approach the closing of the above condo sale, I would be remiss in not acknowledging your expertise and express my heartfelt gratitude at accomplishing what was seemingly the ‘impossible’. When I first decided to put my condo on the market in late spring 2010 there was a resounding thunder of “it will go quickly”, “gone in a week” and even a lengthy discussion on the merits of closed bids versus a true listing price. I had sound advice, market research and well meaning real estate agents. After months of open houses, a few showings, a price adjustment and generally positive feedback the condo was still sitting on MLS. Switching to you and Eric was a difficult yet very wise decision. Professional and intuitive photography, combined with very sophisticated marketing materials, provided the lure for potential and more importantly, serious buyers. I immediately felt a significant shift in the level of energy given to this transaction as well as spike in showings. Both you and Eric demonstrated a passion for what has been a wonderful home to me for the past 5 years, creating a partnership based on a common goal while at the same time providing the easiness of working with the care and concern one would expect from friends. Finding a buyer in a week after months of being on the market would seem unremarkable by some if the price had been dropped to a ‘fire sale’ level so aside from working with two fantastic guys, the best of this story is in the price -- $3500 more than the previous list price. Awesome! It has been the most pleasant journey with you both and I wish you continued success in what is obviously your natural profession. Warmest regards,

By: Jason & Jennifer Self

We would like to express how impressed we were with Jay Fleming and Eric Andrews’ representation of our condo and recommend them to anyone looking for an agent. When deciding to use an agent, we noticed that the brochure for Jay and Eric really stood out and took a chance. From the start we were impressed with their professionalism and no-pressure style. Prior to signing with them we were using another agent who we were not impressed with at all. But rather than pressure us to let them represent our property, they were very helpful in answering of our questions and giving us the space to take our time to make the change. More importantly, Jay and Eric kept us well informed with phone calls and emails updating us a couple times a week on not only the status of our showings but all of the other sales in the building, displaying a thorough knowledge of the condo market. They put together a very professional looking brochure, aggressively managed our property with several open houses, followed up with buyer’s agents, and truly showed that they cared. Jay and Eric continually impressed us right to the end and we were very happy with the final sale and the smooth closing process following. If you have any questions or would like to hear our recommendation first hand, please don’t hesitate to call. Sincerely,

By: Bob McGrath

Having just sold my downtown condo through realtors Jay Fleming and Eric Andrews, I can candidly say the experience was incredible. Jay and Eric have a wealth of knowledge of the Toronto real estate market and, in particular the downtown condo market, that is unparalleled in my opinion. Their ability to clearly and fully explain the process and identify potential opportunities and/or pitfalls was invaluable as a first time seller. Selling your home has to be viewed strategically to fully realize the opportunities within the marketplace, Jay and Eric are able to apply their knowledge of the market to set the stage for you to realize your home’s full value. But what really sets them apart is their commitment to service, it is unmatched. Jay and Eric were on top of the sale from the very beginning and effectively managed the entire process through to closing, keeping me well informed and worry free at each step along the way. They bring a truly professional attitude and insight, balanced by a fun and energetic spirit. They were a pleasure to work with and I will be using their services again the next time I sell or buy property. By the way, Jay and Eric were able to sell my unit within 2 days and above the asking price, achieving the highest price in the building’s history for the unit type/exposure. That speaks for itself. Thanks Guys! Sincerely,

By: Katrina and Andrew Phaneuf

We had the pleasure of working with Jay Fleming during the recent sale of our condominium unit at the Richmond in downtown Toronto. We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of this transaction considering the fact that it occurred over the course of only one weekend. After hearing several referrals by other tenants in the building, we decided to invite Jay for an interview. Until that time, we had interviewed at least three other agents but were hesitant to sign with any of them. When we first met Jay, we were particularly impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. We were also comfortable with his approach and confident that he was looking out for our best interests. Perhaps what was most impressive was the fact that Jay was able to bring to our first meeting, a conditional offer that we could not refuse! Jay was able to secure a buyer for our unit in just under 24 hours and we completed the sale of our unit in less than a week. We were also exceptionally pleased with the way Jay kept us informed during the week on the status of our sale. We highly recommend Jay Fleming for your consideration if you are seeking a real estate agent in the downtown core. We had an amazing selling experience and would be happy to relay our thoughts to your personally. Sincerely,

By: Mark Wallace

I recently had the pleasure of using the partner team of Jay Fleming and Eric Andrews as my realtors in selling my condominium. Right from the get go, a very comfortable, open and amiable rapport was established. Throughout our dealings, both Jay and Eric demonstrated great knowledge and insight to the Toronto Real Estate market. They were both more than willing to work within my parameters and in fact managed to always exceed my expectations. Jay, whom I worked with most, made every aspect of the selling process an absolute breeze and exuded extreme professionalism along the way. His overall efficiency and in particular, response time to any query I had was remarkable, especially in today’s day and age. Jay always gave me the feeling that he not only worked for me, but also was always looking out for my best interests. Even after the sale transaction had been completed, Jay went beyond the call of duty and contacted the buyers about a favour on my behalf. This not only saved me a lot of time and aggravation but also served to further solidify my belief in his exemplary commitment to our dealings. I have not hesitated in recommending Jay to potential clients and in fact already have. I myself, plan on using Jay’s outstanding services in the not too distant future and very much look forward to many future dealings with him. Sincerely,

By: Steve

Jay and Eric, I’ve been meaning to send you a note to thank you for your efforts in selling our grandmother's house in Cabbagetown. The unique nature of the property required careful positioning on the market, and your initial advice with respect to selling price and strategy proved ultimately to be very accurate based on your knowledge of the area. Your expertise also played a significant role in overcoming some of the concerns that potential buyers raised with respect to the peculiar right of way associated with the property, and your extra efforts to research the property and put these concerns to rest were appreciated and no doubt critical to the ultimate sale. Finally, your patience and understanding of our position in the final negotiations really helped us agree on the terms of the sale. Thanks again for a great job.